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(1)How can we get electricity from the sun?

Sunlight is made up of photons, or particles of solar energy. Photons contain various amounts of energy, corresponding to the different wavelengths of the solar spectrum. When photons strike a PV cell, they may be reflected or absorbed, or they may pass right through. Only the absorbed photons generate electricity. When this happens, the energy of the photon is transferred to an electron in an atom of the PV cell (which is actually a semiconductor).

(2)What is Motor home Solar Battery Charging System?

The three parts of a Motor home Solar Battery Charging System

Solar Panel PV Modules: already reviewed above.

Solar Charge Controller / Regulator. The regulator is there to prevent damage to the battery from over-charging. It used to be thought that you didn’t need a regulator and if the capacity of the battery is large compared with the output of the solar pv module(s) you may not need one. We will examine the use of the regulator later once we understand the properties of the pv module and battery system in more detail.

Battery.  In a solar system you will always need a battery.  I was most amused to see an advert for a ‘solar powered torch - needs no battery’.  Fine if you only want to operate it in bright sunlight! Of course it had a battery, it was a rechargeable one what the advert meant was that you didn’t have to buy batteries.

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